Should I Have Another Baby?

Considerations Before Adding to the Family

You never know when the baby bug will strike. One minute you're content with your family situation just like it is, and the next, you find yourself aching for another baby. Before you ditch your birth control, sit down with your partner to figure out if you're truly ready for another little bundle of joy.

Are You Financially Able to Support Another Child?

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It's true that you may never really feel financially ready for kids, but adding another child stretches your resources even more. Review your budget to see if you have the wiggle room for another family member.

A new baby means taking on lots of extra expenses, including:

  • Medical bills for prenatal care and delivery
  • Daycare expenses
  • Baby gear if you don't still have items from your first child
  • A second crib if your first child is still in his crib
  • Diapers
  • Formula if you choose to bottle feed
  • Clothing, toys, furniture
  • Dental and pediatrician expenses
  • College savings for another child

How Is Your Relationship?

If your relationship with your partner is a little rocky, having another child definitely won't fix the situation. Adding more responsibility may cause even more strain on your relationship. Take a serious look at how you and your partner are doing in your relationship to determine if now is a good time to have another child.

Not communicating well or feeling the tension in your relationship? Spend some time strengthening your bond before adding to the family. Schedule one-on-one time with your partner. Couples therapy can also help. Your marriage doesn't have to be on the rocks to benefit from a few counseling sessions. A therapist can help you identify areas you can work on to strengthen your marriage.

How Will Another Child Change the Family Dynamics?

Pregnant mother and son at home.

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Your little family has a good rhythm going. You have your routines and rituals, and you know what to expect. Bringing a newborn into the mix shakes up the dynamics of your family. Are you ready for those changes? Is your child ready to share your attention with a sibling?

If your child is older, starting over with a newborn can be a big change. And you're used to sleeping through the night and having kids who are relatively independent. Suddenly, you'll go back to getting up multiple times a night and doing everything for your little one. Things like family vacations become more limited when you add a newborn in the mix. Imagine how life will change once you have another baby.

Do You and Your Spouse Agree?

Hopefully, you and your partner have already discussed how many kids you want. It's tough when one partner wants more than the other, but one of you has to compromise if he wants one, and you want five. Maybe it's not the number of kids, but the timing that you don't agree on. You're ready for another baby now, but your partner feels you should wait a few years. Whatever the discrepancy, you may want to hold off on trying for another baby if you aren't on the same page as your partner.

How Will You Feel if You Don't Have Another Baby?

You think you want another child, but ask yourself how will you feel if you don't have another baby? Are you content with your family as it is right now? Will you feel like something is missing if you don't have another child? Why do you want to add to the family? Exploring these questions helps you figure out where these feelings are coming from and how strongly you feel about having another baby.