What Is a Tag Blanket?

Babies have busy little fingers and love to fiddle with fabric and interact with all sorts of things. A tag blanket is a cuddly and soft baby blanket that features looped pieces of ribbon or cloth sewn along the borders. The tags on the blanket typically come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures to create visual and tactile appeal for baby. These blankets are often small -- less than 12 inches on each side -- but they can come in larger sizes, too.

Benefits for Baby

A tag blanket can be your baby’s lovey -- a security blanket that provides not only comfort, but also entertainment. It can engage your little one, stimulating his senses and giving his cognitive development a jumpstart while keeping him cozy. And when your baby reaches and grabs for the tags, he’s also developing his fine motor skills, as well as his hand-eye coordination.

Selecting a Blanket


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As a parent, you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a tag blanket. Besides all the various tags sewn into the edges, the blanket might also include a material in the center that makes a crunchy, crinkly noise to add even more texture. The fabric might be embroidered or can include soft bumps for additional texture as well. When selecting a blanket, choose one that’s made by a company known for quality workmanship, as the tags could fall out if the stitches become loose, possibly posing a safety or choking risk for baby. Also, keep in mind that a curious baby could pull the tags loose if they’re not sewn in securely.