Symptoms of Endometriosis Cysts

Endometriosis is a medical condition in which the tissue that normally lines the inside of woman's uterus abnormally grows outside of this reproductive organ. Certain women with this condition can develop endometriosis cysts within the ovaries, which are referred to as endometriomas. The symptoms of an endometriosis cyst typically mimic symptoms experienced by women with endometriosis and should be discussed with a medical professional as soon as possible.

Pelvic Pain

The ovaries are two reproductive organs that are located on either side of a woman's uterus within the lower pelvic region of her body. Fluid-filled sacs, or cysts, composed of endometrial tissue can develop within the ovaries in certain women with endometriosis. These cysts can irritate and inflame the ovaries, which can lead to sensations of mild to severe pelvic pain in affected women, explain health professionals with UpToDate. Acute or sudden pelvic pain accompanied by a low-grade fever can be signs that an endometrioma has ruptured. Pelvic pain symptoms associated with endometriosis cysts are typically chronic and can increase in severity during a woman's monthly menstrual cycle.

Painful Menstruation


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Women can experience symptoms of mild to severe pain during menstruation caused by an endometriosis cyst within an ovary. Painful menstrual symptoms are typically characterized as cramping pain within the lower abdomen. Some women also experience a sensation of fullness or pressure within the pelvic region, explain medical experts with the Brigham and Women's Hospital. These chronic endometriosis cyst symptoms typically recur during each monthly menstrual cycle.

Pain During Sex

Cysts that form within the ovaries in women with endometriosis can cause significant inflammation and irritation. This inflammation can extend into the surrounding reproductive organs, such as the uterus or cervix. Women with chronic reproductive organ inflammation can experience sensations of pain during or after sexual intercourse, warn medical professionals with MedlinePlus. Pain during sexual intercourse is abnormal and affected women should seek further guidance from a medical professional.



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Ovarian cysts can prevent the normal release of an egg, or ovum, from the ovaries during a woman's monthly menstrual cycle. In healthy women, an ovum that is released by the ovaries can be fertilized by male sperm after sexual intercourse, resulting in pregnancy. Women with endometriomas can experience difficulty becoming pregnant due to the lack of normal egg release from the ovaries, explain health professionals with the University of Kansas Hospital. This symptom of an endometrial cyst within an ovary is referred to as infertility and can permanently prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.