Ideas for Kids to Dress Up Like Old People

During elementary school, kids are often encouraged to dress up as 100-year-olds for the 100th day of school.

Other times, they may just want to be senior citizens for Halloween. This costume is simple as long as you have a few key items, which can often be picked up at thrift stores or from friends and relatives.


A short grey or white wig can be worn by a boy or girl. If you can't find a wig, use a hat of some sort. A fishing hat works well as a headpiece for an old man; add a few fishing lures and hooks to make it look authentic. For an old woman, a large straw gardening hat or a lace cap is appropriate. If you aren't going for extremely old, simply use a red hat; many older women are members of the Red Hat Society.

An easy way to make your child's hair look old without going out and purchasing a wig or hat is to simply dust his hair with baby powder or flour. It will give him grey or white hair, although it may fall out throughout the day if he has to stay dressed up for a long time.


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Long skirts and blouses are great for women, but a matching sweat suit would work well for a woman as well as a man. If you like, belt a pillow around your child's waist to make her a little bulkier. Adult-size clothing will fit better, also.

If you go with the fishing hat for a man, add a vest with fishing lures to complete the costume.

If you are using the Red Hat Society idea, dress your daughter in purple clothing. The two colors are what the ladies of the club dress in when going on outings. Don't forget to add tennis shoes, even with dressy clothes.


Accessories can really make a costume. Reading glasses perched on the end of the nose add authenticity to the costume. Grab a walker or cane from a friend or neighbor who might have one. If your child is a little older and bigger, consider using a wheelchair. He can wheel himself or have someone push him around. An old woman can carry a large bag filled with yarn and knitting needles, and don't forget a wallet filled with pictures of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Playing It Up

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When your child is all dressed up, she needs to practice her elderly persona. She may want to try talking at a slower speed or with a deeper voice. Try out a few phrases that she may have heard older people say, such as "You've grown so much!" or calling other people "Sonny." Encourage your child to go a little overboard as a stereotypical old person, to make it more fun.