How to Sweet Talk Your Girl

If you want to sweet talk a girl, you can't go wrong with sincere and specific compliments. Remember to take into account what your girl likes to hear, and pay attention to her unique qualities. Additionally, make sure you get the sweet talking you need as well. "Mastering the language of intimacy requires that you really be in tune with your partner's needs, but you also should understand your own needs--and be able to communicate them as well," says psychotherapist Robi Ludwig, host of the TLC television show "One Week To Save A Marriage."

Give her compliments on the way she looks. Tell her she has beautiful hair, a warm smile and super-cute feet. Make her feel confident and gorgeous. "The biggest part of the love-and-care tactic is complimenting your partner's physical appearance,” says assistant professor of psychology at Fullerton California's California State University Aaron Goetz, Ph.D.

Draw attention to the little things that make her unique. "If she is hilarious, speaks a few languages fluently, or has a great singing voice, highlight what makes her different," advises psychotherapist JoAnn Magdoff. Noticing your girl's unique characteristics and talents will flatter her and make her feel special, because it shows how well you know her and appreciate her individuality.

Give her a special pet name, and call her by this name when you sweet talk your girl. "It feels good to have a special relationship with somebody, and the nicknames reinforce our special status," says Jan Denise, author of the book "Naked Relationships: Sharing your Authentic Self to Find the Partner of Your Dreams."

Tell your girl how good she makes you feel. Start sentences with, "You make me happy because" or, "When I'm with you I feel.."

Make your compliments as specific as possible. Instead of just telling her she's beautiful, tell her you love the color of her eyes or how soft her skin is. "The more detailed your praise, the more personal it is to her," says psychotherapist Tammy Nelson, author of the book "Getting the Sex You Want."

Assure your girl that you'll be there for her when she needs you, advises psychologist Rita Haley. Make her feel safe by letting her know that she can turn to you for comfort and support.


Pick a pet name that has something to do with your girl, such as Freckles or Dimples. Otherwise, try an old standby such as Sweetie or Darling.


Make sure your girl likes the pet name you choose for her. Don't call her by a name that makes her cringe.