How to Break a Fever in a Toddler

A fever in a toddler that is between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit usually means that the body is fighting off an infection. If the fever is higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit, you can take steps at home to lower the fever safely. If your toddler is having trouble keeping fluids down or is showing signs of a stiff neck, confusion or seizures, immediately take her to the emergency room.

Check the toddler's temperature rectally with a digital thermometer for the quickest and most accurate reading using a lubricant for comfortable insertion.

Give the toddler the recommended dosage of children's strength acetaminophen, which can be found on the box according to the weight and age of the child.

Fill a bath a few inches with lukewarm water. Sponge the lukewarm water over the toddler and when finished, pat him dry with a towel. Do not wrap him in the towel.

Dress the toddler with light clothing and cover her with a bedsheet.

Give the toddler plenty of fluids to drink, and if he is old enough, give him chicken soup to eat if he is having difficulties keeping fluids down.


Ibuprofen may be used rather than acetaminophen in babies that can take it safely.


Do not give the toddler caffeinated fluids; this will negate any rehydration attempts.