Fun Outdoor Activities To Do in the Rain

Rainy day activities typically involve games or projects indoors that allow you to stay dry. Heading outdoors to embrace the rain, however, can be rewarding for children and adults alike.

Outdoor rain activities are safe only when there is no chance of lightning, hail or other severe weather. Watch the weather closely so you know if you need to head indoors.

Puddle-Splashing Contest

Instead of telling your child to avoid the puddles, encourage her to jump right in for a splashing contest. Taking a walk around the block in the rain gives you a chance to find more puddles and to point out ways in which the neighborhood looks different when it's raining.

Rain Art

Girl Jumping in Mud Puddle

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This rainy day art activity starts indoors. Each participant gets his own sheet of paper and sprinkles it with powdered tempera paint. Drops of food coloring also work for this activity. Carefully carry the papers out into the rain. The raindrops mix with the powdered tempera paint or food coloring to make one-of-a-kind pictures. This activity works best with a lighter rain so the paper doesn't get too saturated.

Backyard Water Park

Many water parks feature water sprinkling down from above. A rainy day offers you a similar setting right in your backyard. The rain turns a backyard slide into a water slide.

Add a kiddie pool at the bottom to make it feel more like a water slide.

Sprinklers set up in the backyard offer additional water park features. recommends getting out water balloons, water guns and other water play toys for more entertainment.

Mud Pies

Girl Jumping in Mud Puddle

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A rainy day offers a large supply of mud already mixed for mud pie creations. Grab a few pie plates and head outdoors to let the kids create.

Another option is to use muffin tins to make mud muffins or a cake pan to make a mud cake. Rocks, leaves, pinecones and other natural items can garnish the mud pies.