Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can make travel miserable. It can occur when you travel by car, plane, train or boat and is often accompanied by nausea, dizziness and vomiting, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center.

If you experience motion sickness when you take a trip, eating certain foods may help reduce your symptoms and calm your stomach. Plan ahead and pack a few of these foods to take with you so that you'll be prepared when motion sickness strikes.

Ginger Root

Ginger is one of the most powerful foods for calming an upset stomach. Chewing on a small piece of freshly peeled ginger root can stave off motion sickness and prevent an upset stomach. Slice a few pieces of fresh ginger and store them in a plastic bag. Chew one slowly when you begin to feel motion sickness symptoms coming on.

Boiling a few pieces of peeled ginger to make a ginger tea can also treat symptoms and allow you to travel more comfortably, notes Phyllis A. Balch in her book, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing." Eating ginger or drinking ginger tea can also prevent the onset of symptoms if you consume it about an hour before leaving on your journey.

Dry Crackers

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A few dry crackers can help settle an upset stomach and prevent the vomiting that often goes along with motion sickness.

Eat two or three crackers if you begin to feel nauseated and continue eating them slowly until your symptoms subside. Try eating some crackers before you begin your trip and be sure pack plenty of extra crackers in your bag.

Balch recommends whole grain crackers because they help reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth, which can decrease your feelings of nausea and upset stomach. Avoid flavored crackers, particularly spicy, onion or garlic varieties, because they can make symptoms worse.


Fresh lemons and fresh lemon juice can ease your nausea and vomiting while traveling because they contain nutrients that can settle your upset stomach, according to a report from ABC News. Thinly slice one or two fresh lemons and store them in a plastic bag or container to take with you on your trip. Remove the peel and place one slice on your tongue when you begin to feel sick. You can eat the slice or simply suck the juice out of it to bring some relief.


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Pack a few olives to help you make it through your trip without getting sick. Olives help stave off nausea because they reduce salivation in your mouth, making you less likely to become nauseated or throw up, Balch reports.

Eat a few olives before leaving on your trip and pack several olives in a leak-proof container. If you begin to feel sick, eat one every few minutes until your symptoms disappear.