How to Prevent Sagging Skin After Pregnancy

Sagging skin is a result of changes in a woman's body during pregnancy. Sagging skin cannot be prevented entirely but it can be controlled. Skin sags after being stretched during pregnancy. Stretching is caused by the hormonal fluctuations in a pregnant woman's body. During pregnancy a woman's breast grow larger, her uterus grows larger and her general body mass index rises. To reduce sagging after pregnancy, a woman must prevent excess weight gain during pregnancy. Some weight gain is inevitable but should be controlled. In general, a pregnant woman should not gain more than 40 pounds.

Control your diet. When pregnant some weight gain is expected and the average woman should gain in the area of 25 to 35 pounds. Avoid high-calorie food and drink, such as soft drinks and fast food.

Exercise on a routine basis. Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and child. The exercise should not be too strenuous and should be done on a routine schedule. Exercise keeps the metabolism fast and gives the cardiovascular system a boost as well.

Drink plenty of water (eight glasses a day). Water is essential in keeping the skin's elasticity and helping it recover after childbirth.


Concentrate on toning using light weights when weight training. Speak with your obstetrician about concerns regarding weight gain or loss during and after pregnancy.


Do not try to lose weight during pregnancy as this could be extremely detrimental to your and your baby's health. Do not exercise in hot weather. Do not do crunches. Do not do weight training with heavy weights.