Healthy Tips for Your 8th Month in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special process, and in your eighth month, you are probably getting excited about meeting your new baby. It's important to maintain your health throughout your entire pregnancy; however, it is particularly important in the eighth and ninth months, when your baby becomes fully formed.

Importance of Rest

It is vitally important for you to get adequate rest. It may be difficult to be comfortable because the baby is getting larger and moving around; however, getting rest helps your body to prepare itself for labor. Also, rest may be scarce after the baby arrives. Aim for six to eight hours of sleep per night, and if possible, take naps if you are feeling tired or sleepy.

Mental Relaxation

Attractive pregnant woman holding a bowl of salad while standing

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Relaxing your mind is just as important as relaxing your body. With all of the preparations and doctor's appointments, you can be exposed to an increased level of stress. It is important for you to have a time to relax and de-stress to support your overall health. Find a healthy, relaxing activity that you enjoy and make it a point to do it regularly to give yourself a break.

Good Eating Habits

Eating for two doesn't necessarily equate to doubling your food intake. Eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day to prevent heartburn and to increase your metabolism. You might find that this is the pattern you will follow once your baby arrives. Aim for fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein with limits on fish and whole grains. Ensure that you consume some form of fiber to prevent constipation. Drinking ample water will add in digestion, lessen any swelling you may experience and help to flush out any toxins.

Maintain Communication

Attractive pregnant woman holding a bowl of salad while standing

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It is important to remain in contact with your doctor or nurse midwife. Particularly if it is your first baby, it can be difficult to interpret the changes your body is going through. Feel free to ask her questions to better understand what is happening and how to best care for you and your baby during your eighth month.