How to Maintain Breast Size After Pregnancy

A woman's breasts can easily grow one to two cup sizes over the course of her pregnancy. But after birth, many women lose this added volume in their breasts, and some women's breasts become even smaller than they were before giving birth. Maintaining the added volume gained during pregnancy is more difficult for women who breastfeed, because women who breastfeed are restricted as to the drugs they can take to maintain weight while breastfeeding.

Choose to breastfeed your baby. Since your breasts will often be full of milk, you'll be able to successfully maintain your bigger breasts as long as you breastfeed. You'll also be providing your baby with solid nourishment.

Gain weight slightly while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is your body's natural way of helping cut weight gained during pregnancy, but if you continue breastfeeding and using your mammary glands, you'll retain a fair amount of weight in your chest--and maybe even gain a little--while your body works to shed pounds on the rest of your body.

Consume products high in phytoestrogens, natural hormones that replicate the performance of estrogen produced in your body. Tofu, soy products and flax seed are all high in phytoestrogens that may be able to benefit your breast size. You can also purchase topical creams and lotions that supply phytoestrogens to your body.

Massage your breasts to improve blood flow and promote cell growth. The best time to massage your breasts is when applying a topical phytoestrogen cream, which will promote distribution of those hormones throughout your breasts.

Discuss with your doctor the possibility of cosmetic surgery. You won't be able to consider this until you are done breastfeeding, but your breasts may be able to maintain their volume until this point. Cosmetic surgery uses implants to increase your breast size permanently.


Talk to your doctor to make sure any medications or herbal supplements are safe to use while breastfeeding.