Will My Belly Button Go Back to Normal if It Popped Out While Pregnant?

Your body undergoes a number of changes when you are pregnant. While your growing stomach may seem the most obvious, another aspect of your stomach can change: your belly button. It isn’t uncommon for your belly button to start to stick out. This occurrence is not cause for concern, and your belly button will typically return to normal after you give birth.


A common misconception surrounding a protruding belly button during pregnancy is that it indicates you are nearing your delivery time, according to BabyMed.com. While many women may observe their belly buttons protruding at the end of the second trimester, it is possible for your belly button to pop out earlier than this time. This does not mean that you will be delivering your baby prematurely, however.



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A protruding belly button is a reflection of your growing belly. As your uterus expands, it pushes several organs near your abdominal wall. This includes your naval, which can seemingly reverse or “pop” out of place). The degree to which the belly button protrudes is dependent upon several factors, including how large your baby is and how your growing uterus is sitting.


Because you cannot control the rate at which your stomach grows, you cannot prevent your belly button from protruding during pregnancy. Although it may poke out of your clothing, there is no need to attempt pushing it back in during pregnancy. Also, both innie and outie belly buttons can protrude -- which type you have does not predict whether your belly button will protrude.

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If your belly button protrudes during pregnancy, it will likely return to its normal positioning after you have your baby and begin to lose your baby weight, according to Michael Bermant, M.D., of Bermant Plastic Surgery. However, it is possible for the skin around your belly button to loosen, which can cause you to retain the “outie” belly button position you experienced during pregnancy. Also, if your abdominal skin has become weakened or sagging after you give birth, the belly button may appear drooping or slightly more protruding than it did before pregnancy. If you find your belly button is troublesome after pregnancy, plastic surgery procedures are available to tighten abdominal skin and improve the appearance of your stomach.