How to Treat Boils in a Toddler

Boils, which look like large pimples, are tender, red bumps on the skin caused by bacteria. Boils are typically minor infections that can be treated at home. However, if your toddler is experiencing a lot of pain, develops a fever or develops a spreading rash originating at the site of the boil, it is imperative that you take him to his pediatrician for evaluation and treatment. Antibiotic treatment or lancing may be necessary if the boils reaches an advanced stage.

Wash the boil and the area surrounding it with warm, soapy water. Cleanse your toddler gently to avoid causing pain or rupturing the boil.

Place a nonstick bandage over the boil, and keep the bandage in place with medical tape around its edges. This will contain the infection if the boil ruptures and prevent your toddler from scratching or rubbing the boil.

Repeat this process daily or when your toddler gets dirty, whichever comes first. Continue until the boil has healed.


If the boil rupture, cleanse the wound with soapy water and apply antibiotic ointment prior to placing the nonstick bandage over the boil


Keep a close eye on the boil and watch for other symptoms. Don't hesitate to consult your child's pediatrician.