How Long Does It Take to Lose the Weight After Having a C-Section?

When you deliver your baby by Cesarean section, you’ll have this major abdominal surgery to recover from, in addition to the other physical changes that occur after childbirth. Many new mothers are eager to lose weight after having a baby, but a C-section could force you to recover your strength and shape a little more slowly.

Initial Recovery

Having a C-section will force you to limit your activity in the first weeks after delivery, warns the University of Maryland Medical Center. At six weeks after you give birth, you’ll have your postpartum physical exam with your caregiver. As long as you aren’t showing signs of infection or other complications, it’s likely that your caregiver will give you medical clearance to resume exercise and other activities. Once you get this clearance, you should be able to apply more effort to losing weight, which may result in weight loss success.

Weight Loss

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Setting a final weight loss goal of six months postpartum is realistic, advises UMMC. Regardless of the type of delivery you had, you will likely lose 10 pounds immediately after childbirth, advises By following a sensible eating plan and exercising, your body should naturally go back to a healthy weight. Breastfeeding shouldn’t stop you from losing weight, but it’s important to go slowly and eat enough calories to maintain your milk supply. You'll burn extra calories during milk production, so this can boost your postpartum weight loss.