How to Make Yourself Go Into Labor with Baby

As you near the end of your pregnancy, or if your baby is already past his due date, you may start trying to think of ways to induce your labor. It is possible to get your own labor started, but it is wise to follow a couple of guidelines. First, you must be far enough along in your pregnancy and your body must be physically ready to deliver, or nothing will work, according to Dr. Spock's website. Second, if you are at or beyond the 40-week point, discuss your plans with your doctor before you proceed.

Walk up and down the hallways in your house, or down your street if you are able. Sway your hips as you walk to help get the bay in position. Stay upright as long as possible to allow gravity to bring the baby down.

Have sex to get labor started. You likely won't feel like it at all, but semen contains a substance called prostaglandins, which can help get your contractions underway.

Rub your areola in a circular motion to release oxytocin, a natural form of pitocin, which can cause contractions, according to the Giving Birth Naturally website. Stop rubbing the nipple when contractions start. Nipple stimulation may cause long, intense contractions and is not always recommended by doctors.

Drink some castor oil. Dilute 1 to 4 ounces of castor oil with around 6 ounces of juice to help mask the taste and oily texture. Intestinal movement and cramping caused by the oil may help stimulate labor contractions.