Is Snapple OK to Drink While Pregnant?

You may feel increased thirst during pregnancy, and to quench it, you may turn to the brand of soft drinks called Snapple. Made by the Snapple Beverage Corporation, this brand is best known for its iced teas, though the company also bottles fruit juices, juice drinks and water. Before you open a bottle, take some time to learn whether it's healthy for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Risks

Overall, Snapple drinks are considered safe during pregnancy. The water and 100-percent fruit juices don't usually contain questionable ingredients. The teas and fruit drinks may prove a bit less healthy but are unlikely to cause pregnancy loss or complications. Still, drinks like water, milk and low-sugar juices make healthier choices.


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Snapple iced teas may taste good, but beware of the extra sugar and caffeine you imbibe. Drinking Snapple means you take in empty calories. The teas usually lack a significant amount of nutrients the pregnant body needs but do provide extra sugar and caffeine you can do without. For example, according to the official Snapple website, a bottle of sweet tea contains 190 calories, 46 grams of sugar and caffeine. Drinking an occasional bottle probably won't harm you, but high amounts of empty calories, sugar and caffeine can increase the risk of pregnancy complications and cause excessive weight gain. Additionally, milk, water or even unsweetened, decaffeinated tea usually prove a better choice for you and your baby.

Juices and Juice Drinks

Snapple's 100% Juiced line may prove a better option than its juice drinks because of the nutrients it contains, such as vitamin A, C, E and calcium. The juice drinks only contain a small percentage of real fruit juice and lack significant amounts of vital nutrients. Both the 100-percent juices and the juice drinks contain a good deal of sugar, however. For example, Snapple's 100-percent fruit punch contains 40 grams of sugar while its fruit drinks contain 27 grams. Both the juice drinks and the 100-percent juices contain a significant amount of calories as well. As such, you may do well to drink these in moderation and opt for water, milk or drinks with more nutrients and less sugar whenever possible.

Diet Drinks

Drinking water

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Snapple also sells a range of diet teas and juice drinks for those who want fewer calories and less sugar. These options may seem a good idea during pregnancy, except for the fact that they contain chemicals like aspartame and phenylalanine, which may cause you to question their safety. According to the American Pregnancy Association, these substances are safe for use during pregnancy. However, pregnant women with the genetic disorder phenylketonuria should not consume products that contain phenylalanine since their bodies cannot break it down. Most of these products also contain caffeine.

Spring Water

Few would argue with the health benefits of water, so you can drink as much Snapple spring water as you like. According to Baby Center, a pregnant woman should consume about eight glasses of water daily.