How to Sit Comfortably When Pregnant

Learning how to sit comfortably while you're pregnant can protect your spine health and may even help reduce the risk of circulation problems. As you approach your third trimester, the baby is large enough to exert constant pressure on your lungs, bladder and even your vasculature, including the largest vein in your body, the superior vena cava. This pressure is the underlying cause of the shortness of breath, frequent urination and swollen ankles that many soon-to-be mothers suffer, which may be alleviated with a few position changes.

Gather personal items, such as your cell phone and TV remote, before sitting down. Energy conservation is important in the third trimester, when you may feel tired the majority of the time.

Avoid that cushy, deep chair and opt for a higher one with firm back support. Deep or overstuffed chairs may be harder to lift out of as your pregnancy progresses.

Grab some pillows to strategically position for comfort. You can place one at the small of your back, if it is sore, or sit on a small, soft pillow for rectal pain from hemorrhoids.

Pull up the ottoman, more pillows or even the coffee table and get your feet propped up. Swelling in the lower extremities, especially the feet and ankles, will get worse if you leave your feet dangling down while sitting.

Keep your lower back as straight as possible to avoid slouching. Although it may feel good at first, poor posture will increase any breathing difficulty the baby might be causing.

Keep your ankles and legs uncrossed. Crossing them can cause or exacerbate varicose veins in the legs and rectum. Try resting a pillow between your knees for comfort.

Get up and change positions slowly to stave off a dizzy spell. Dizziness is common in the third trimester, especially with abrupt position changes.


Wear comfortable, preferably elastic, maternity clothes to avoid pinching or decreased circulation caused by tight-fitting clothing.