How to Prepare Catnip Tea for a Baby With Colic

Baby colic is a condition where a baby cries constantly with no apparent reason. While this is typically normal for newborns, after several weeks, this can be a sign of colic. Causes of colic are diverse and as yet undetermined, but theories range from second-hand smoke to intestinal problems to perception of the mother's anxiety. Because there is no definite cause for colic, there is also no definite cure, but remedies that have been passed down are the leading treatments for colic. One such remedy is the use of catnip tea. Catnip has been used since ancient times and is known for its calming and soothing effect on the body.

Often used by adults for a nighttime sleeping aid, the hopes are that the babies colic will be soothed by the tea. There are no known hazards to giving a baby catnip tea, but before administering catnip tea to a baby as treatment, talk to a doctor to make sure there are no health risks.

Purchase catnip from a grocery store. Catnip is usually sold in dried form, but it may also be found in powdered form and ready-made in tea bags. Other places to look would be health food stores or herb shops.

Prepare the tea. If catnip teabags were purchased, read the directions on the packaging. Usually this means just adding a bag to a cup of hot water and letting it steep for a few minutes. If dried leaves were purchased, bring water to a boil in a kettle. Put 2 tsp. dried catnip in a mug and add the hot water. Let it seep for about five minutes to get the maximum benefit from the dried leaves.

Strain the tea into a glass and discard the used leaves. Pour a portion of this, around 1 oz. or 6 tsp., of the tea into a baby feeding bottle and test the heat by shaking a few drops on the wrist. If it is any hotter than warm on the wrist, it will be too hot for the baby, so wait until the tea cools before giving it to the child. Store leftover tea in the refrigerator for future use.