Red Bumps on an Infant's Face After Nursing

In the first few months of your child's life, breast milk is the only source of nutrition. It is important for a mother to recognize the role her own diet plays in the health of her child. Some of the nutrients and compounds consumed, such as caffeine and alcohol, can make their way into a baby's body through the breast milk. If your child has an adverse reaction and develops red bumps on the face, this could be a cause.


Red bumps can appear quickly on a child's face if he consumes something that irritates the body. In most cases, it is likely that multiple bumps will appear. These may appear around the mouth and be limited to the face, or in other cases, bumps may appear throughout an infant's body.


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Red bumps are usually not a major threat to your child's health, at least when they develop as a result of breastfeeding. Rather, they are a warning sign that an irritation is occurring. If the bumps cause itchiness, your child may be fussy for the duration of the outbreak of bumps, which can last for varying amounts of time but usually not less than a few hours.

Possible Cause

The most likely cause of rash-like bumps on your child's face is a food allergy irritating your child through your breast milk, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. This can happen when you consume a food to which your infant has an allergy. Although less common, other allergies or irritations may be causing your child's red bumps and only appearing after breastfeeding by coincidence.

Other Symptoms

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A food allergy may cause other reactions in your child's body in addition to red bumps. Looking for and identifying these symptoms can help you determine whether the bumps are the product of a food allergy. Monitor your child for any congestion that might occur and watch the baby's stool for any irregularities, including diarrhea. Severe allergies may constrict your child's airway and require a trip to the emergency room.


Contact a doctor after the red bumps appear so that she can help determine their cause and guide you through any necessary treatments. Although a food allergy is the most likely cause, there could be unknown factors leading to your child's reaction.