Toddler Safety Activities

All children need to learn about safety to protect them from unknown dangers. Older children may be taught in various methods, but teaching a toddler safety points needs to be done using techniques that are fun and memorable. Activities and games that are enjoyable can emphasize the importance of safety practices for toddlers in several areas.


The Sun Safety Alliance has many ideas for teaching young children the importance of protection in the sun to reduce burns and skin damage. Gathering hats, clothes and sunglasses, children can practice trying them on before heading out into the sun. This gives parents an opportunity to talk with their child about the importance of clothes and hats to protect the skin. Children may also practice applying sunscreen on each other or they may have a responsibility for their own personal sunscreen to ensure they wear it when outdoors.



Fine & Gross Motor Skills Activities

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Teaching kids about fire helps them to recognize why fire can be so dangerous and what happens with burns. Activities that teach fire safety include children drawing pictures of fire to show in their own way what fire is. This is an opportunity to teach children what fire looks like, as well as its components, such as heat and the sounds it makes. Another game that can be used practices the concept of stop, drop and roll. Taking small pieces of orange construction paper, lightly tape them to a child’s clothing. Then have him practice dropping and rolling until the paper has come off and the “fire” is out.


Play-acting can be used to teach some kids about the hazards of strangers. The First School site explains that using the story of "Little Red Riding Hood" is a simple way to teach kids about unsafe circumstances with strangers. Parents can tell their children the tale and then help them to dress up in costumes or make puppets to act out the story. This emphasizes the teaching materials and opens up an opportunity for parents to discuss why it is important to avoid strangers.