How to Make a Baby Blanket

Ideas for Making a Cute Blanket for a Special Baby

Baby blankets keep your little one cozy. Plus, they make the perfect backdrop for all those photos you snap every day. Even if you're not an experienced sewer or you lack the time for an involved project, there are options for making adorable baby blankets. Choose the option that best fits your skill level, and start crafting.

Sew a Minky Blanket

Newborn baby boy, sleeping peacefully in basket

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Minky blankets are very popular with parents and babies alike. The ultrasoft, warm fabric feels cozy against the skin. Minky fabric often features raised dots, patterns, embossing or other unique characteristics to make it special. Pairing one piece of minky fabric with cotton fabric is a popular option for baby blankets. You can also do a double-sided minky blanket.

This type of fabric is very stretchy, so sew it with care. Prewashing cotton fabric first is important. The cotton shrinks, but the minky fabric does not since it's made of polyester. Use lots of pins to hold the fabric together while sewing to minimize stretching and movement.

Crochet Something Special

Crocheting is a classic baby blanket technique that results in an adorable and soft cover for your little one. With so many different yarn options available, you can customize the blanket with the colors and textures you want. Choose a solid color, or get creative by crocheting different patterns into the blanket using various coordinating yarn colors.

Crocheting is a versatile option. If you have beginning crocheting skills, keep the design simple with a single stitch type. If you're a pro with crochet hooks, you can whip out intricate patterns, from stripes and chevrons to animal faces.

Quilt a Keepsake

Newborn baby boy, sleeping peacefully in basket

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A quilt is a traditional keepsake option for a baby blanket. If the baby is older, use pieces of onsies, pajamas or other clothes from the first few months as the fabric for the quilt squares. You can also use fabrics or pieces of clothing items from important family members like parents or grandparents. Cut those items into the squares for the quilt. The resulting baby blanket becomes more memorable because of the ties to the family.

Make a No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Lack the time or skills to sew a blanket? No worries. A no-sew fleece blanket is an easy solution. For a baby-sized fleece blanket, you need 1 yard each of two different patterns of fleece. Most people choose one fun baby-themed pattern and a solid color that coordinates with the pattern.

The two pieces of fleece go back-to-back with right sides facing outward. Cut fringe along the edge, and tie the fringe strips to hold the blanket together. It's a simple, warm, adorable option for quickly making a baby blanket.

Baby Blanket Safety

As adorable as your little one looks wrapped up in a blanket, never let your baby sleep with one in her crib. Loose bedding can cover your baby's face or get wrapped around her head. You can swaddle your newborn in a light receiving blanket for the first few months. Once she's getting close to rolling, stop swaddling. If she rolls while swaddled, she could get stuck face-down against the mattress.

Your homemade baby blanket creation is perfect when your baby is awake. Use it as a soft play surface during tummy time. You can also cover your baby with a blanket while she's in her stroller or bouncer, as long as you're supervising to make sure it doesn't cover her face.